Snowboarders and Skiers Still Await the Opening of Mt. Brighton

Mt. Brighton getting a late start due to the inconsistent weather.


Skiers and snowboarders line up outside of Mt. Brighton waiting for their tickets. Compared to last winter, Mt. Brighton is getting a late start, and the people looking forward to the opening are upset.

Madeline Wiktorowski, Staff Writer

Located at Bauer and Challis Road, Mt. Brighton is a great place for people in the Brighton community to get away for a day and ride the slopes. Although early season hours are open, the avid snow athletes await the official opening. 

All weekdays are closed to create a base for the hills, but Saturdays are open from 12 pm to 9 pm. The Michigan weather is always unpredictable, so the employees at Mt. Brighton try to get the hills open as early as possible. Many students at BHS look forward to the winter because of Mt. Brighton. 

Senior Grace Sutherland has been skiing for six years. Sutherland stated, “My favorite part of going to Mt. Brighton is hanging out with my friends from different schools who I don’t get to see on a regular basis.”

 Most of Sutherland’s friends participate in boardercross for the school. Since she skis, Sutherland cannot participate in the club. “Although I can’t actually compete, I love racing down the track with my friends in my free time.” The slopes of Brighton are a great way to get together with friends. 

The boardercross and ski teams at BHS are also patiently awaiting the opening of Mt. Brighton. The first ski meet is scheduled for January 7, yet the weather must stay consistent for this meet to take place. 

Skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only way to get involved at Mt. Brighton. Senior Aidan Zebari gets all of the perks of the resort by working there. Zebari has worked there for the past two winters. One of the perks that he and all of the other employees receive is a free season pass. 

Although Zebari is a dishwasher, there are many other jobs available, such as bussing tables, cooking in the cafe, operating the ski lifts, working in the ski shop, and much more. Zebari said, “My favorite part about working at Mt. Brighton is being with all of my friends, and not having to pay for a season pass.”

The man-made hills in Brighton, Michigan are not yet fully open for business, but the whole county awaits the announcement. When the temperature gets below freezing, the employees work hard to pump the snow out onto the hills. By living in Livingston County, the community is lucky enough to have a resort this close to home.