The best Christmas gifts this year

Andrew Grant, Staff Writer

Christmas is just around the corner, and as usual, many are struggling to find a good gift to give this year. Though it depends on the person and it really is the thought that counts, there are some gifts that can’t go wrong. Here are a few that should be considered this holiday season. 

Starting off this list is Food52’s “Reusable Straw Set”, complete with a foldable  silicone straw, carrying cases, and cleaning squeegees. Good for the environment, and who doesn’t like a foldable straw? These are good for any situation, they’re very small and portable and can be taken everywhere you go.

Second on the list is the Dash Mini Maker. Do you know any waffle or breakfast enthusiasts? Ever wanted a one serving waffle machine to take with you wherever you go? Then the Dash Mini Maker is definitely a good choice to think about this holiday season. This mini maker is ideal for dorm rooms too, making it a good gift for friends traversing into dorm life. For ten dollars, this tiny waffle maker is perfect for single serving breakfasts.

Next on our list is perfect for people with household appliances that constantly need to be unplugged/plugged in. Introducing Kasa’s Smart WiFi Plug Mini, a small but convenient gift. This appliance allows you to remotely turn on and off appliances straight from your cellular device. No longer do you need to unplug your LED strips when you can turn them off with the press of a button with the phone that’s already being used at all times. 

Another great gift for virtually anyone is a Disney+ subscription. Perfect for any Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel fans, & more! A one month subscription costs only $7 compared to Netflix & Hulu’s $13 a month. With Disney+, you’re given the most bang for your buck. This is probably one of the best gifts that can be given this year for an extremely low price as well.

Warm, cozy, comfortable, Carhartt hats are the way to go this holiday season, for $15 you’re investing in a hat that will keep your head as warm as sticking it in a fireplace. It is always a good choice and there isn’t a better time to get one for a family or loved one during this chilly Christmas.

If you’re stuck on gifts, these items are great for pretty much anyone, but remember, it’s the thought that counts!