“Knives Out” a classic whodunit movie with a comedic spin

The movie has an all star-cast consisting of Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, and Jamie Lee Curtis


Claire Folger


Trent Ficaro, Staff Writer

Knives out is a thrilling story that leaves the audience wondering about who committed the crime. Towards the beginning of the film it has you curious about what is happening.  It starts towards the middle of the plot then fills you back in from the beginning and works its way up toward the end. At the end of the movie you are given one of those “aha!” moments. I thought that Ana De Armas made a surprising debut in the film, playing a very clueless nurse who had no idea of all the bad in the Thrombey family.  A key plot point in the film is that Marta (De Armara) will vomit if she is lying, so it is very hard for her to lie to the police when they are investigating. 

Each immediate family member of Harlen Thrombey had some kind of quarrel with the patricah. His grandson Ransom had a problem because Ransom was getting cut off from the money. Harlen also wrote books and had a well off publishing company, which his son Walt is set to run, but Walt is terminated by his own father. Harlen’s daughter-in law is also very upset with him because he has cut her and her daughter off, he took away the allowance and paid for her daughter’s school because she was double-dipping Harlen. The last person that Harlen ticked off was his daughter Linda and her husband. Harlen had discovered that Morris (Don Johnson) was having an affair with Linda (Jamie Lee Curtis) and had threatened to tell her at Harlen’s birthday party but it never happened. 

With all of these questions on who was the most angry with Harlen it is very hard to pin down who had done the murder. Another curious point throughout the movie is why was the master detective Benoit Blanc hired, and for what reason? Another key plot point is when the will is read and it goes to someone nobody was thinking. This makes the Thrombly family extremely angry with Harlen after his death. 

In conclusion, this movie is a 8/10. It is very good for a whodunit.