Michigan’s deer hunting overlook

Brady MacDonald, Staff Writer

Deer hunting has been a part of people’s families for generation after generation. There are over 11.5 million people that take to the woods deer hunting in the U.S. every year. While that number may seem high, the population of hunters has been decreasing. There used to be 14 million people that would go to the woods every year and hunt for deer but over the past 8 years, that number has been shrinking. 

Michigan is known for having a lot of people that love to hunt. Last year the state registered 554,000 hunters and an estimated 300,000-350,000 deer were harvested. This number for deer harvested may seem very high but this number is perfectly healthy for the environment. 

Deer hunting and every type of hunting helps preserve the environment and natural resources. Hunting keeps the animal population at a rate at which the animals can still thrive as a species. If there were no hunters, the animal population would just skyrocket and there wouldn’t be enough food for all the animals to survive. This would be creating an unhealthy ecosystem because of all of the animals overeating everything.

There is about five percent of Americans that participate in deer hunting every year. With this being said, many students and staff members at Brighton High School take to the woods every year in search of a deer. 

Nolan Chwalek is one of those many students who has taken to the woods to hunt this year. Chwalek loves the outdoors and loves to spend as much time in the woods as he can.

“This year has been a great year for seeing deer, I have seen some pretty big bucks and lots of does but I just haven’t been able to take a clean ethical shot on a monster buck I’ve been chasing this year yet,” said Chwalek. Even though he hasn’t gotten a shot off at a deer this year, Chwalek would still consider this a huge accomplishment for hunting public land.

“Hunting public land, in my opinion, is a lot more difficult because you have to deal with other hunters in the area and as soon as hunting pressure start builds the deer tend to catch on and move to more thicker cover,” said Chwalek. He is one of many that hunt public land every year and he is having great success with doing so.

A Junior from BHS named Cole Kirgis has also been out in the woods this year. “The deer season this year was a little slow for me but it wasn’t from a lack of trying. I was out for 3 weekends. I was out from six to twelve every morning only to see little spikes and 4 points.”

Kirgis is an avid deer hunter and enjoyed his time in the woods this year.

Even though this season wasn’t a success for some students, each person enjoyed their time in the great outdoors and that’s all that truly matters.