Effects of winter break on exams

Lucas Vasconcelos, Staff Writer

Students overall get so excited for the winter break as many look forward to several holidays as for example Christmas. It is a time which students relax enjoying it with their respective families and friends.

Breaks can be an essential part of learning effectively, and they may even improve a student’s quality of life. Most students complain about having their exams before winter break in which according to them it helps not to have worrying holidays about the exams.

“As my sister who is a college girl and she is always sharing with me about what is going on in there, I can compare the rules of my school and hers so I would prefer to have a break with no stress from exams coming up,” said Junior Declan Conception. 

“17 days off school is definitely enough time for students but I think it would be nice to do more breaks like colleges and universities where students take the exams before Christmas which means it is less stressful to have these exams after a long period

without school. So when they come back from break they start the new semester,” said teacher Adam Neuman.

The real truth of having a lot of days off is that students may waste time in front of a screen such as computers, TVs and cell phones, and this could affect the standard of school life that the student had before.

“I think cellphones create a lot of disconnections from the school. I really like a new cell phone policy where were inforcing putting the cell phone in the holder when the kids come in they are more engaged in class,” said Counselor Jennifer Sprys-Tellner.

 Also, Sprys-Tellner mentioned about the students’ performance and their focus during class after break. She said, “It does always take a day or two to students to get back into the swing of things.”

Winter break is considered a relaxing period for students, but it’s also an opportunity to be prepared for the finals. If students use their time wisely and become ready to take their exams after break, it leaves little stress over during exam week.