Brighton Girls Basketball starting the season off hot

The 7-0 Bulldogs look to make a push in the postseason with early success

Aidan Riley, Sports & Entertainment Editor

It’s hard to find a team hotter than Brighton’s Girls Basketball team. Starting their season 7-0, the team is running through their games with ease. “It feels good that we’ve started off so successfully. We had some challenging games in the beginning and it really helped us become ready for anything,” said senior captain Bella Vogt.

The success didn’t come overnight for the Bulldogs. The team has been working hard all year since just after their season ended last year. “Last year we know we should have gone farther, and after that game we felt like the season shouldn’t have ended,” said Vogt. “We think of the way we felt after losing and it motivates us every day.”

The offseason was filled with games, practices and workouts. Although it’s not officially required, the girls made it their mission to become better as a team over the summer, and they believe that’s when the real improvement in their team happened. The team prepared by going into the weight room and having open gyms in the spring and summer, giving them a head start on their competition.

The team is led by captain Sophie Dzeikan, who is committed to Bowling Green State University, but many other players have played a huge role in the team’s success this year. The starting 5 includes Bella Vogt, Martha Pietila, Sydney Hetherton, and Isabella Viau, and many players provide a spark off the bench as well.

This team has been playing together for years, as a few seniors have been on Varsity since freshmen, and many have been on the team since their sophomore season. This chemistry has been apparent this season, being a large part of their success. “We all know each other so well, so we trust each other’s abilities to get the job done,” said Dziekan. “Also, because we are so close, it makes the practices really fun.”

The regular season doesn’t mean as much to the Bulldogs as the postseason, though. The team has lofty goals for the outcome of their season, and with good reason. “Our goals are to win states, along with our division and going undefeated this year,” said Vogt.

The Brighton Girls Basketball team has been exciting to watch this season, and they plan on continuing to open the eyes of the state to their success. “Starting the year like this really puts us on the radar, but we’re always going to have a chip on our shoulders,” said Hetherton.