The best way to conquer one’s New Year’s resolution

With each day is another chance for people to reach their future goals

Yale Zultowski, Staff Writer

Many people make their New Year’s resolutions to better themselves, and starting the new decade we have a fresh start. Resolutions usually are about spending more time with your family and being more healthy. 

Many people set them and succeeded, some people shoot big and slowly go back to their bad habits. A third of resolutions do not make it past the first month, it on average takes 66 days for your resolution to become a normal habit. 

A survey by Statista indicates that only 4% of people who made New Year’s resolutions in 2018 said they kept them. It is suggested that it is like this because most people make large and lofty resolution lists. If people keep it to a minimal number than people are more likely to succeed. 

Resolutions are merely easy ways to be one’s best self. Most of the top resolutions are to become a more healthy person. An easier and more effective way to achieve one’s resolutions is to turn them into goals. When a resolution turns into a goal, it turns from “I’m going to do this” into “I will do this.”

It is much easier to set small goals than to set big resolutions that can only be achieved over time and with patience. For example, if one’s resolution was to lose weight, instead set weekly goals to lose weight, have certain days to go to the gym and a number of calories to be eaten in a day. This will make the goal more rewarding when the individual achieves the small goals, making it more likely to keep it going longer. 

Another way to boost one’s confidence is to look at the end of the marathon and see what’s to come and then to think about the running. Seeing what an individual’s work will do and envisioning oneself in the aftermath will help individuals get through the harder times. 

People are expecting this decade to be like the roaring 20s. But according to student Reagan Hammond, this is not the case. Reagan said, “people will try new and more exciting things yes, maybe 2020 will bring you new opportunities but nothing truly changes bringing the new year and decade.”

Reagan made a simple resolution to just spend less on unneeded and useless stuff. She’ll start by addressing the situations when she finds herself spending her money. From there, she will try to cut back slowly and in a smart way.

Some resolutions are hard to keep, but with the right mentality and strategies, it is possible. BHS math teacher at Danielle Grills stated, “it’s hard to keep our resolutions because we usually give away something we like that’s bad for us but yolo.” Grills so far has been walking the line of keeping her resolution to cut back on sugar.

Kylie Elssa, a senior at BHS, has her small goals leading up to a much bigger project. Elssa is pursuing to drink more water each day, starting with one bottle a day. With her small goals in place, she is able to look at the bigger picture, to overall be more healthy.

All in all, a sure way to a new year’s resolution is by taking the goal into small, manageable steps, such as weekly goals. From cutting back on sugar or on spending, people continue to look for a way to bring themselves closer to their ideal selves.