Winter Sports Update

BHS Pom has lots of success during the beginning of the season

The BHS Pom team recently got a huge win at a competition at Little Caesars Arena, and they got to perform at halftime of the Pistons game. 

“Performing at the Pistons game in my senior season was probably the best experience I’ve had,” said senior Ellie Smith. 

The team has had lots of success, winning their most recent competition and placing second in their two other ones. In February, they have a national competition that they placed eighth at last year. 

“This year we want to make it straight to finals and come home with a better place than last year,” said junior Sophie Thompson.

-Aidan Riley

Boys Basketball improving after a slow start

Improving has been a trend around BHS sports this year, after starting the season 0-7, the basketball team has won three of their last four games. The beginning of the season was a struggle for the team, but they have recently found their groove. 

“We knew that most of the games that we lost could have been won. The last few games given us belief that we can finish out and win,” said senior Point Guard Zach Whalen. 

The team still has some high expectations for the rest of the season. 

“We have gained more confidence as a team with everything we do and I expect us to make a run in districts on our home floor,” said team captain Jacob Klonowski.

-Aidan Riley

Brighton Girls Basketball Stays hot in a 10-1 start

The girls basketball team has been on fire this season, starting off 10-1, with their only loss coming against a very solid Howell team. On Jan. 24, they beat the number one team in the state in Hartland, pushing them to a tie in the top of the division. 

“I think we are so successful because we work so hard in practice and we are such a close team,” said team captain Sophie Dziekan. 

The girls look to continue their success through the season and have the goal of winning states this year.

-Aidan Riley

Bowling team recovering after 0-5 start

The Varsity Bowling team is currently 2-6. Their team is very new to bowling with a lot of first year bowlers on the team. They started off really slow with an 0-5 start, but quickly came back with two wins which sets them at 2-6. 

“We are really pulling it together recently. We have started to get a lot better at bowling good scores at the meets and have been grinding at practice.” said varsity bowler Neal Smith. 

The team plans on continuing to win meets and bring back our 2-6 record.

-Jonny Zeffero

Boardercross continuing

Brighton Boardercross isn’t technically a sport at BHS, but they are surprisingly one of our best programs. For the first time in a while, Mt. Brighton, the club’s home slope, has decided to move the course to a different hill called the “Chicken Shoot”. 

Sophomore Lucas Wiktorowski has been on the varsity boardercross team for two years now. Wiktorowski said, “The new course isn’t as good as it was last season. It’s way shorter, which means there is less room for everything that has to be put into it.” 

-Madeline Wiktorowski