Post-Graduation Planning

BHS students take a head start into their future careers

Shara Swearengin, Staff Writer

Each student here at Brighton High School has a unique idea of the kind of career they want to pursue post-graduation. This ranges from college, trade school, studying abroad in a different country or just taking a year to relax after many years of school. 

While there are many different options after high school, many students choose to continue their education at universities such as Michigan State, Central Michigan and Grand Valley. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get an early start. There is an option called dual enrollment, that allows you to participate in college courses while remaining in high school. Senior Alexis Kubacz currently dual enrolls at Washtenaw Community College. Kubacz plans to further continue her education to receive her associate’s degree and move onto a university. “My biggest goal is to get my master’s degree in Psychology, and dual enrollment has definitely helped me get a few steps ahead,” said Kubacz.

Another Senior Emma Sanger, has also chosen the college path. Although she already got accepted, she is going into college undecided plans so she can move with the flow. “I want to see what I want when the time comes,” she said. Sangers biggest goal post-graduation is to be truly happy and be content in whatever path she chooses. She plans on achieving her goals by moving her way up into the criminal justice system, starting small as a bouncer to gain necessary experience. Sanger suggested that all upcoming seniors make sure that they have their required high-school credits, and look into scholarships early on in order to save on college tuition. She also emphasized that college is not the only option for newly-graduated young adults. “If you’re not planning on going to college, you shouldn’t feel bad for taking some time for yourself before paying an obscene amount of money for a potentially useless education,” said Sanger.

With that being said, college most definitely isn’t the only option for the departing senior class. Some kids choose to explore in the trades and jobs that don’t require extra education after high school. Some jobs that don’t require a college education include home health aides, small business owners and dental assistants. Just because an individual chooses a different pathway, doesn’t mean that benefits and such things aren’t available. 

Despite having another year after this school year ends, Junior Carly Abernathy plans on going into the trades to be an underground welder. “I have done so much research, and I’ve been planning on welding since my freshman year,” Abernathy said. Despite underwater welding being a dangerous occupation, she chose this occupation for her career because underwater welders make a plethora of money, and she wants to assure that she is financially stable as an adult. 

Students at Brighton High School have an extensive amount of necessary tools to jumpstart their careers, even before they graduate. There are programs available such as dual enrollment, AP courses and other helpful things to get individuals ready for the world outside of high school and can save them money.