Parent pressure causes anxiety for some

Getting good grades is stressful especially when parents put on pressure to do well

Morgan Loiselle, Staff Writer

For some students, the pressure to do well in school can get stressful very fast, especially those students involved in athletics and extracurricular activities. Students in advanced classes, such as honors and AP, have an even bigger workload than students who are in grade-level classes. Students who have practices for sports or clubs several days a week for several hours can take time away from doing homework. Being pressured to get good grades or do well in sports by parents is hard, even though they only want the best for their children.

“I feel like my parents don’t understand me when they try to pressure me into doing sports,” said sophomore Kailey Muter. “That being said, my parents don’t really pressure me into having to get good grades. This affects me overall by rethinking myself and my decisions, which leads me into becoming upset.”

Parents, although they mean no harm when it comes to pressuring their kids, can have a negative effect on a child without meaning to. It causes kids to feel stressed and tend to overthink or worry too much about their letter grade.

“When my parents pressure me, I obviously feel really stressed,” said sophomore Amanda Greca. “Sometimes, when I’m afraid that my grades won’t be good enough, I feel really anxious as well. I remember there were times when I actually felt like I was having trouble breathing because I was so worried,” said Greca.

Some kids think that anything below an A is not a good grade. “In my mind, a score that isn’t an A is awful. I know that if my parents ever saw it, they would immediately question me and see I should be getting higher,” Greca said. 

“This pressure hasn’t affected my school work but does make me not want to do sports. This doesn’t really affect my sleep schedule anymore since my parents and I have come to good terms,” Muter said. This has affected Muter’s motivation to do sports. “My parents started pressuring me at the beginning of high school [freshman year]. They pressure me on doing sideline cheer,” Muter added. 

On other occasions, parents can be tough on their kids to get good grades and the kids can get high anxiety and stress. But when they push themselves past the limit, some students admit it can be rewarding in the end.

“One thing this does to me is give me anxiety over test results,” Greca said. “Also, I often get stressed over the possibility of failure when I don’t feel confident. When I do feel confident, but the result was actually something lower than I expected, I sometimes have self-deprecating thoughts,. However, sometimes I push myself to go the extra mile while studying. If I can do just one more thing to prepare myself, I will likely do it.” That is just the motivation Greca has. 

Parents only have their kids’ happiness in mind when they pressure their kids. “The pressure I put on my kids was being good people and being kind and having a strong work ethic,” Principal Jennifer Sprys-Tellner said. “The reason why is because I think those build good habits and good people. As far as academically, I always wanted my kids to do their best,” Sprys-Tellner added. 

In the end, many students recognize that parents want to pressure them in a good way. 

“I think my parents pressure me to get good grades because they only want the best for me and my happiness,” Muter said. “My parents are very understanding, so if I don’t do well they usually just ask if I can improve or change my grade.” 

 “My parents pressure me (specifically my dad) because they know I have the ability to do well in school,” Greca said. “They have good intentions, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like that sometimes.”