DEEP program offers the college experience for high school seniors

A great program for seniors to accelerate their learning

Caitlin Warner, Staff Writer

The Dual Enrollment Educational Partnerships (DEEP) Program through the University of Michigan Flint is a great program for any student who wants to accelerate their learning and jump to the college level while still being in high school. Students in the many varieties of DEEP classes are instructed in person by a real professor at either Hartland High School, Hartland Educational Service Center or the Brighton High School.

The program usually selects seniors to represent their school and take these rigorous courses. There are five programs to choose from within DEEP. These programs include Business/Economics, Medical Science, Pre-Engineering, General Studies and School of Management Business, according to the UM Flint website. 

According to Bel Schmenk, a Hartland senior in the DEEP Medical Science program, the DEEP program influenced her school career in a positive way.

She said, “[It] breaks up my routine, and helps me learn new things.” She thinks the program is different because “it’s harder, more challenging, and helps you learn for real life.”

According to Caden Farhat-Tomaszewski, another Hartland senior in DEEP Medical Sciences, DEEP made him realize how to study and be successful in his classes overall. He likes the program for being different, especially in the reversed classroom schedule. The medical sciences program is a flipped classroom, where the lectures are watched at home and the activities or normal homework assignments are done in class. 

Both Farhat-Tomaszewski and Schmenk would recommend the program, but only if you’re prepared to work really hard. Schmenk thinks it’s useful to earn credits for college and save money.

Students who enroll in the DEEP Program save money on college by a lot, as they pay a fraction of the cost for each DEEP class that they would pay in college. Although the price is much cheaper than a regular college class, prospective students must still pay for the classes and buy textbooks. 

The different DEEP Programs have classes offered at different times of the day. For the morning classes, they will take up first and second hour of the BHS schedule. For the afternoon classes, they will take up C lunch as well as fifth and sixth hour. Students also must provide their own transportation if their selected class isn’t at BHS. 

For prospective students, there are a few requirements that must be met. A full list is found on the page linked at the bottom of this article. Some of these requirements are a 3.0+ GPA, a recommendation from a teacher or counselor that shows the student can handle themselves in college level courses, and three years of English with good grades. The individual programs also have their own prerequisites, listed at the link below.

To find out more about the Livingston county DEEP program, click here.