Prom on a Budget

LACASA is here to help with prom savings

Madeline Wiktorowski, Staff Writer

Being a teenage girl in high school is already expensive enough, but once a year prom rolls around and it is possibly one of the most expensive events of high school. LACASA Center’s Cinderella’s Closet is a prom boutique that annually returns in March. Its two locations are in Brighton and Howell.

Gently used prom dresses are sold there for the price of $25, instead of six, seven or eight hundred dollars. LACASA accepts dress donations all year long for Cinderella’s Closet, with hundreds of donations every year. 

Co-chair of Cinderella’s Closet Cassie Glover said, ”For homecoming season, we will typically sell around 225-250 dresses, and for prom season we tend to sell less because the number of students who attend prom is much smaller than those who attend homecoming. The typical number of sales we have for prom is around 150-175.”

This year, the store opens on March 5 and curtain call is March 19 through 28. 

Women’s Resource Center/Family Resource Center began the program in 2008. LACASA had no affiliation with Cinderella’s Closet until 2012 when they decided to merge with the Family Resource Center. Glover said, “The project was developed out of a funding partnership under WCHO and other substance abuse focused programs. We moved away from the substance abuse angle when the funds/partnerships were no longer there and to better align it with the mission of LACASA and the purpose/goals of our youth violence prevention and education efforts.” 

All proceeds from the boutique go to prevention efforts from the Community Education and Outreach Department. This includes awareness-raising events for domestic/dating violence and sexual assault. The purpose of Cinderella’s Closet is to raise awareness surrounding these issues and provide access to a wide range of services to the teen population.

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