Be in the know about taking the road test

Licensed students give tips on what to do during a road test

Morgan Loiselle, Staff Writer

Passing the road test can be nerve-racking, anxious, and stressful. Most kids have the most trouble with parallel parking. 

“Stay calm while taking the test, even if you make a mistake,” Sophomore Maddie Kalis said. She found that stop signs and stop lights were the easiest, and parallel parking was the hardest out of everything she had to do. 

Students can take a road test through many different testing places. The most popular ones are AK Services and Champion. “I went to Champion. Most people use that one,” Sophomore Cassidy DelProposto said. 

Some don’t know what to expect when they go to actually take the test. There are two parts of the test that have to be completed before the driver is administered a driver’s license. First, the instructor will check the car and see if it passes the test. Then, the driver has to back up and be within two feet of a white line. Then, the driver has to pull forward, also being within two feet of the line. Third, drivers will have to successfully parallel park without any change of gears. 

After the driver has finished the parking lot portion of the test, next is the actual road part. “My number one tip is to calm down. They don’t want to fail you. The more you stress about it, the worse you’ll do,” DelProposto said. 

 “Just relax and focus on your driving. Not what the instructor is writing down,” Sophomore Morgan Wiljanen said. 

Speeding is something that students are always worried about. One will fail for going five mph over the speed limit.  “The most difficult part of the test for me was trying not to speed. You will automatically fail if you go five mph over,” Wiljanen said. 

Roundabouts have seemed to be something kids are very confident about. “The easiest was the roundabouts. I live right by the big ones at Green Oak so I always drive on them,” Wiljanen said. 

Honing in on these skills, there is a much higher chance that the road test will be passed.