Senior Survivor Fundraising Begins

Katie Tarnacki, Staff Writer

As the last week of Senior year rolls around at Brighton High School, a few brave teams come forward and compete in what is known as Senior Survivor. The teams of two participate in challenges and races trying to beat the other teams in terms of points. It is a week-long, and throughout the week money is being raised to donate towards a specific foundation or charity. This year, all proceeds will go to Fund a Life, and I Will Right Now. 

The eight teams competing this year include: 

  • Green Team: Hagen Carrier and Chase Herrick 
  • Orange Team: Ethan Lee and Andrew Simon 
  • Yellow Team: Sophie Thompson and Matt Michael 
  • Red Team: Megan Croskey and Mya Janda 
  • Blue Team: Andrew Myers and Luke Vaden 
  • Peach Team: Emily Menzel and Morgan Lutes
  • Black Team: Liz Kelley and Gabby Cooper 
  • Purple Team: Megan Foster and Olivia Gregg 

The competition is already in the running, as the teams have been preparing for the competition week by selling T-Shirts for students to buy to represent their favorite team. The shirts are $15 apiece and will have Senior Survivor on them with the color of the team you ordered it from. 

Emily Menzel from team Peach said, “I have been wanting to do Senior Survivor since I witnessed it Freshman year. It is stressful right now and I’m sure it will stay that way but it will definitely be the best way to end High School.” 

Others agree with Menzel and include they are super excited for being able to donate to a couple of awesome charities and able to be involved in that money-raising. The purple team put on a “Night at the Amp” downtown Brighton and it was a hit. It took place on April 23 and was $7 to reserve a seat. They offered musical performances by Brighton’s own, Notetorious, Chicappela, BHS drumline, and many more. 

As the Survivor week gets closer and closer, the teams get more and more excited.

Liz Kelley from the black team said, “I’m excited to keep planning more activities and getting more sponsors, the whole thing is just really fun.” 

So far, from T-shirt sales and miscellaneous sales, Luke Vaden and Andrew Myers from the Blue Team are in the lead. Will they stay there as the competition moves forward? 


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