Water Wars: Let the games begin!

Seniors bring back the classic battle as the year draws to a close

Katie Tarnacki, Staff Writer

You might not typically see high school seniors sneaking through shrubbery with loaded water guns. But then, this hasn’t been a typical year.

With so many normal school activities being stripped from seniors this year, BHS students have brought back Water Wars.  BHS seniors form groups and play until only one upperclassman stands.


Teams are comprised of five seniors.

Other districts have participated in Water Wars before and the game has been subject to controversy. There are arguments that the game is dangerous and has involved illegal activities, such as street racing or trespassing.

BHS seniors Ryan Doyle and Connor Wilkinson, with the help of the Leadership class, however, have rules in place to make the BHS Water Wars competition safe, legal, and fun for all.

For this week, the top two teams in each bracket move on. As the weeks go on, more and more teams get eliminated. Elimination is based on how many kills each team has, and how many people on each team is killed.

New rounds start Sunday nights at midnight and end Saturday nights at midnight.