Connecting with the Community… and Coyotes

DEI Club works with Kem Krest and Howell Nature Center to come together for a new coyote habitat

Kayleigh Podolski

Kayla the Coyote is in need of a new enclosure. The BHS DEI club helped the Howell Nature Center raise funds for an upgrade.

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. These are the core values of Brighton High School’s DEI club, whose members are constantly looking for ways to connect more with the community and support people (and even animals) in whatever way they can.

Sidney Jordan, DEI co-president, said, “Right now…everyone is a little more divided and more focused on labels, so we want to focus on how we are all people, no matter what your orientation is, no matter what your gender is, we are all human.”

On Friday, Sept. 10, DEI was at Howell Nature Center to help fundraise for a new coyote habitat. After Sidney Jordan’s communication with Kim Jordan, a marketer at Kem Krest, DEI was able to support Howell Nature Center, through running a face painting station and in the process even more fundraising. 

“Everyone belongs in DEI so we wanted these little coyotes to belong too,” said DEI President, Morgan Wiljanen. 

Kayla the coyote has been with the Howell Nature Center for 13 years. She was rescued when a family illegally tried to take her in as a pet. Since then, her home is now in need of change. 

Evin Leuhr, Manager of Wildlife and Education at the Howell Nature Center said Kayla is in need of an upgraded enclosure.

“It’s like having a really great backyard… that you have a lot of fun in, and you can play catch with your family, but if your family is not there to use it, then it is just a backyard. We want it to be a ‘backyard’ that has a swimming pool, a jungle gym, a trampoline and a tether ball net,” Leuhr said.

The new water features, rock dens and elevation to come will help with mental stimulation for Kayla the coyote as well as any new coyotes to join her company in the future.

Sidney Jordan said that being able to help out at events such as fundraising for Kayla’s new habitat is such a wonderful opportunity for DEI to branch out and be supportive towards all communities. “That’s what helps us as DEI and helps further our mission, to connect us, and not just people in Brighton, but everyone around us,” she said.

DEI meets every Tuesday after school from 2:30 to 3:30 in F38, Mrs. Headley’s classroom. To help out, DEI also has a Care Closet at Brighton High School for donations of school supplies, hygiene products, food, and the like.

“We want to experience everything together,” Sideny Jordan said..