The Power of Pink Week

Dillan Hopps

Pink Week is a time for people in the community to rally around a cause that won’t affect many of them, but does impact those who are, have, or will battle cancer.

At the start of Pink Week, BHS students painted the town pink with spirit, as they cover store fronts, businesses and restaurants with pink ribbons and supportive messages to raise cancer awareness. 

“Brighton is the kind of community that can help those in need whether the cause effects them or not,” said BHS teacher Brent Luplow.  “They are willing to show spirit, dedication and heart towards a common goal.”

BHS teacher Jean Marie Moffa said, “As a survivor it is heartwarming to see so many people dedicated to finding  a cure.”

The race for a cure and the donations raised help patients and their families get the treatments and support they need to survive.

“[The type of cancer I had] could have been fatal. The treatment I had … was funded by donations … which then saved my life,” said Moffa.

Pink Week not only provides monetary support toward a cure, treatment, and support. It also helps people stay positive.

 “It is awesome to give back, and to give to others, and to get involved as much as you can,” said Luplow. “Pink Week showcases the pride that Brighton has and the support that we are willing to show.”