A Preview to Homecoming 2021

Sydney Roberts

After not having a Homecoming last year in 2020, there will be some normalcy with homecoming being this year. The theme will be Western. 

Sylvia Collins, Executive Board member, said, “The Western theme was picked because the Executive Board thought it would be easier to accommodate everyone. With part of the dance outside it was easier to decorate with a Western theme. For example, it would be more flexible adding something like a decoration.” 

There are some changes this year compared to previous years due to COVID. 

Gavin Johnson, principal, said, “The dance is a little more spaced and distanced. Also, parents are not coming to the pep assembly.” 

One major difference there is this year is that the lights will be partially on. 

“The goal is to make sure the students are distanced, spread out and not on top of each other. When it’s dark in there it’s hard to manage that,” said Johnson.  

Another big difference is that there are no outside guests this year from other schools. 

“We can’t contact trace. At Brighton High School we have a lot of visitors from Detroit Catholic Central and other schools, sometimes 300-400 kids show up as guests. If those kids have COVID and they go back to their schools I would never be able to trace them. With no guests I’m taking care of the students at BHS,” said Johnson. 

With the theme being Western this year, it has gotten a lot of attention. Some people like the idea, others not so much. 

Kayleigh Podoloski, a junior, said, “On … the fashion end of it, I don’t love it very much to be frank. Just because I’m not sure what they want us to wear. For example, cowboy boots … is an odd thing to work with.”

Some students don’t mind the theme. 

Sami Mullet, Student Council member, said, “I don’t mind it! I mean, freshman year it was Space, and it didn’t really change anything. So, I don’t think the Western thing will have a big impact. I think it’s a good idea though.” 

With not having homecoming in 2020, students missed out with the usual homecoming experience.

Lydia Keenan, a junior, said, “I’m just excited to dress up and hang out with friends, since we didn’t have it last year.” 

Homecoming Week is going to start on Tuesday, Oct. 12, since BHS doesn’t have school on Monday. The pep assembly and game are on Friday, Oct. 15. Then the dance on Saturday, Oct. 16. Tickets are $15 dollars. 

Collins said, “In three words, I would describe homecoming as fun, safe, and having a good time with friends.”