Hearts That Bleed Red (Taylor’s Version)

Kyleigh Call, Staff Writer

A million heartbroken romantics waited with burning anticipation for the release of “Red (Taylor’s Version)” this Friday morning. In an attempt to reclaim ownership of the music of her early days, Swift has begun the journey of rerecording her early albums. 

Though the original album featured only 16 songs, the new and improved album totaled 30 tracks, including 9 unreleased songs, and a variety of collaborations! Listeners delighted in features from Chris Stapleton, Phoebe Bridgers, Gary Lightbody, and Swift’s long-time pal- Ed Sheeran. 

Many of the songs remain the same, Taylor brought lots of new to the table. These re-recordings were much clearer, and it’s apparent that her voice has matured over the years. Her growth as an artist and person shone brightly in Red (Taylor’s Version)

This album had a personality, it had a soul. It was important to Swift for it to be that way, and it was immensely prominent in the tunes. As a young girl, Swift felt pushed around by the music industry and this reclamation was its perfect counter. This album was a perfect highlight of her transition from girl to woman. As maturity drips from her voice, the songs became all the more powerful. Namely, Sad Beautiful Tragic and Treacherous hit harder than ever before. 

Taylor Swift’s confidence has grown astronomically in the years between these albums. Some of the songs, like Holy Ground and State of Grace, had an edgier feel as a result of this. Clean guitar and bass came across more powerful in these new versions. 

Another treat in this album of magic is her song Run with Ed Sheeran. Its lovely harmonies and chemistry made it an instant classic. Ears were blessed with the pair’s beautifully written love song. 

Among the other notable features was I Bet You Think About Me with Chris Stapleton. Taylor recorded Red (Taylor’s Version) to reclaim the music of her youth, and this song was a prime example of just that. It takes her back to her country roots and adds her very own modern twist. Stapleton’s classic country vocals and her beautifully diverse voice blend into a wonderfully bitter song. 

The album beats out the majority of her discography because it is accompanied by the release of her short film, All Too Well. All Too Well depicts a ten-minute version of the popular heartbreak song on the screen. Swifties devoured social media with their thoughts on the piece.

These beautiful songs are a gift in pretty Red packaging, just in time for the holiday season. Its wonderful quality, personalization, and the new short film make it one of her best albums yet. Red (Taylor’s Version) has a song for every emotion and occasion, and -regardless of your thoughts on Jake Gyllenhall- is a must-listen for all.