School, Jobs, and Help Wanted

If you’ve taken a walk down main street lately, you’ve probably noticed the abundance of “apply inside!” signs. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the upcoming holiday season, many workplaces are in desperate need of employees.

Some students of Brighton High School have jobs, others do not.

Mikaela Robbins, a junior, said, “The reason I don’t work is because I am very busy. With being in a few Advanced Placement classes and extracurricular activities I just don’t have the time.” 

Some students have a job while being in school. 

Lizzy Tinti, a junior, said “I work at Marshalls here in Brighton. I personally continue to work to stay busy and have extra money for myself.”

A sign that is well known, Help Wanted, is continuously seen in a lot of places in the area. 

Marissa Brokaw, a junior, said, “I see help wanted signs a lot and think I should …apply, but I just don’t have the time.” 

With some students working retail other students are working within the food industry.

Marissa Whitten, a senior, said, “The best benefit is tips definitely. It sounds really basic, but having some cash is just very quick money to get into your pocket.” 

Benefits and deals are great to get while working. 

Tinti said, “The best benefit I get is the discount on clothing and other store items.”

With peers working, some others feel they might be missing out on some opportunities. 

Brokaw said, “There’s an experience that you get when you do work. You learn good values like time management, money management and good social skills.”

Colleges ask applicants if they have had a job during school. They like to see the work experience students have. 

Robbins said, “I plan on getting a job before I graduate.”