Spreading Care one Closet at a Time

Sydney Roberts

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Club (DEI) has started a care closet for students. It is located in room D19 and has necessities and other things for students who can not afford items such as that. 

“The care closet came along since many other schools have it. Staff members have discussed it, but with DEI, the club wanted to give care to the community. We have a tendency in Brighton that everybody has the means which is not the truth. We never want anyone struggling to have that stuff when they could have access to it,” said Shannon Headley, DEI advisor. 

Caring in action! DEI’s new care closet, helping students who need necessities who don’t have the means to buy the things.

The care closet is a great stepping stone to get more involved with the community and help others within the high school. 

“I love it! We’ve been planning it for months now, and the fact that it’s in existence just makes me so happy,” said Morgan Wiljanen, DEI President, 

Students can come to any staff member when wanting to access something from the closet. 

“Teachers should be looking out for students who may be in need, reaching out and letting them know it exists. Counselors are also going to be in touch with students,” said Headley.

The care closet is getting a lot of support from the school and students. 

Sidney Jordan, senior, said, “The care closet is an amazing idea and I’m lucky to have everything I need. But the people who don’t, it’s amazing to have a resource and not be embarrassed about it.” 

DEI is a club where everyone can get involved and feel welcomed, no matter who you are. 

Wiljanen said, “I think some people don’t know that DEI is truly a safe space. We’re serious when we say this. Everyone is welcomed, everyone is loved in our eyes! We want all people involved.” 

Members are delighted and passionate since they have joined DEI. 

Jordan said, “I was going to take photos for the 2020-2021 yearbook and I sat down at a meeting and I realized I really got into the concept. I was blown away by how influential this could be and kept going to more meetings and events. I then started participating more and helping out the community.” 

DEI meets every Tuesday right after school in Headley’s room F38.

Jordan said, “ In 3 words, I would describe it as welcoming, hilarious, and involving.”