October brings College Month to BHS

College and postsecondary options are the focal point this month


Ryan Newcomb

At the University of Alabama table, Ethan Lee (11) fills out his contact information so the school can talk to him again about future plans. Many colleges and universities met many with Brighton area students on College Night.

Natalie Stafford, Co-Editor in Chief

October is Michigan College Month, and Brighton High School is taking advantage of the opportunity to help its students learn more about colleges and future options all throughout the month. 

A successful College Night was held on Monday, Sept. 23, where colleges from all over Michigan, trade schools, and military branches came to the Brighton High School cafeteria for a meet-n-greet type set up.  

During school, counselor Jodi Petit said from Oct. 7-11, seniors are able to go to the computer labs in Brighton High School to fill out college applications with the help of the counseling office. Petit also mentioned that the college month activities are a great opportunity for students that are unsure of what they want to do in the future, and doing college help during the school day helps seniors and their busy schedules. All month long, teachers are able to talk about their college experiences as a way to help students in their decision making processes. 

Instead of just colleges, the counselor’s office also decided to bring trade schools and military branches into view. Although they are usually seen as nontraditional career paths to choose after high school, it is important that students know that there are more options than just a four year college. Trade school and military branch information is available in the counseling office. 

Senior Isabella Neeb said that the college month activities were helpful to students because every student has the same knowledge of their options after high school. “It makes sure every student has the same opportunity,” she said. 

A door decorating contest among teachers and their fourth hour classes will take place as usual, but there are many more activities and opportunities for students to participate in. In the counselor’s office, there is a binder full of colleges and their upcoming visits to Brighton High School, that any student is able to sign up for.

Ryan Newcomb
You don’t need to be a senior to go to College Night. Olivia Gregg (11) and her friend Sophia Van Buren (11) began learning about different colleges early. “The night was very informative but also scary” Gregg said. “There are so many choices!”


The end of high school and the beginning of life, whether that’s college, a trade school, joining the military and so on seem far away for high school juniors and seniors, the time to prepare is now, and Brighton High School is sure helping its students find out what the right path for them is.