Murder Mystery, True Crime and Wealth

Murder Mystery, True Crime and Wealth

Sydney Roberts


The show Only Murders in the Building is taking the nation by storm. The cast includes Steve Martin as Charles-Haden Savage, Martin Short as Oliver Putnam, and Selena Gomez as Mabel Mora. Only Murders in the Building takes place in New York City. When a murder occurs in the wealthy apartment complex known as Arconia on the Upper West Side, it starts to raise questions. Charles, Oliver, and Mabel all share a love of true crime podcasts which leads them to start a podcast of their own to find out who murdered Tim Kono. The show is streamed through Hulu. 

The acting of Martin, Short, and Gomez was top tier. Martin’s character is an older man who is an actor that has retired. Short’s character is an older man who was into some theater productions throughout his life. He has a bulldog named Winnie who is his little sidekick. Also, Short’s character has some financial problems throughout the show. Gomez’s character is a young, trendy girl who was friends with Tim Kono. She has many questions about the murder of her friend. 

The setting is in New York City in a wealthy apartment building located on the Upper West Side. This helped add to the show the reason being that usually murders don’t occur in this type of setting, especially in a luxury apartment building with prominent people. It also gave a glimpse into the lifestyle of the wealthy in New York City. Throughout the show, some spots in the city are mentioned or shown. It makes it realistic, especially if the viewer has been to New York City before. 

The wardrobe in the show was spectacular. There were different styles for each character. Gomez’s character was a trendy influencer type of style who wore bright colors. Her style was for the fall season in New York City. Martin’s character was more traditional and classic, he wears multiple sweaters throughout the show. Short’s character was classical most of the time, but he would always wear scarves and coats multiple times throughout the show. All wardrobes would be seen today and are relatable. 

Only Murders in the Building is a great show to watch. From the cast and the producers, it can reach multiple audiences from many areas. The plot makes it very interesting and keeps the viewer intrigued throughout the whole show. The acting is incredible, the setting is astonishing and the wardrobe is phenomenal. Everything in this show is top-tier and magnificent.