Traffic From The Pit

Logan Letendre

The State of Michigan wants to open a gravel pit off of Brighton Road. Many people, including BHS students, have expressed their feelings about the Gravel pit.

“I’m against it,” Drew Bridgland senior, said, “I think other people besides students will be bothered by this.”

If you don’t know about the gravel pit, it is 77 acres of land the state is auctioning off. Currently, they have received a bid from a mining company, Limited Liability Company. LLC wants to lease another 50 acres of land south of the original 77 acres of land. With the land, they want to lease they will mine gravel and sand. After the mining is completed they plan on planting one billion seeds of pine trees.

According to the State, the gravel pit will be there for many years, but they say they will fill it with a seed orchard after the mining is completed. Having the mining going on for years is going to cause a lot of issues in the community. 

“We are planning on moving soon and if there is a gravel pit nearby it’s gonna lower our property value,” said, senior Lauren Kozlowski.

Property value is a big concern for some citizens like Kozlowski. The estimated value drop due to the gravel pit would be 5% to 35% if within half a mile. If the property value is decreased that means it will decrease in tax revenues for the township and Livingston County.

In relation to BHS, there will be big gravel trucks carrying gravel up and down Brighton Road for the next couple of years.

“Brighton Road is a two-lane road and it already has a lot of traffic as is with the school and neighboring neighborhoods, so adding the constant traffic with the trucks from the gravel pit is gonna be a big distraction and addition to the traffic going on,” said Officer Kristi Bell.

“The trucks can cause a big danger to the cars nearby with falling debris, the gravel falling off the trucks and cracking the windshields would be a concern around those trucks,” said Bell.

The Gravel pit could potentially cause a big distraction due to the constant banging and clanging of the trucks and machines moving. Not only is the sound a distraction, but also the smell of the pit will be a big factor.

Two students at Brighton high school have different opinions on this.

“I don’t think it will cause a distraction, I think it will be more of a time-consuming project more than anything,” said Bridgland 

Others have a different opinion about it.

“I think it will be a massive distraction because there are a lot of houses nearby and it will be a massive distraction to people that live nearby,” said Kozlowski.

Some students have different opinions about it being a distraction but pretty much all of the students agree that they don’t want the pit.