Welcome to 2022

Kayleigh Podolski and Sydney Roberts

2022 is finally up and rolling. As everyone transitions into the new year, they get the chance to reflect on the past year, reminisce about New Year traditions, and explore the possibilities a new year presents.

In order to grow, one has to reflect and start from where they are. Students and teachers alike take the time to figure out what their past year has revealed to them.

“I want to be really careful to prioritize things. I have learned that I’m the type of person who likes to do so many things and I get really frustrated if I feel like I’m not doing things well. That can be a recipe for disaster because if you want to do everything and you want to do everything well, that’s just not realistic. What’s been really helpful for me is when I start to feel overwhelmed or frustrated to just stop, make a list, and figure out what’s the most important thing right now and just focus on doing that,” said teacher Elizabeth Crane.

While leading into the new year, some BHS students have traditions with their families. 

Morgan Loiselle, senior, said, “I usually spend the whole night with my family and we go over to my grandma’s house. The parents have drinks, we all cook food, and then we all bring it together for one big meal and then watch the countdown together. Things are a little different this year because my grandma is in and out of the hospital, but we are going to be celebrating a new New Year’s later on when she’s better.”

The New Year’s show, with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, is generally really popular but sparks particularly strong opinions. 

Mikaela Robbins, junior, said, “My family has a thing with not watching the New Years’ Eve showing, they think it’s annoying and I agree because it’s just hours of screaming.” 

As people transition into the new year, there seems to be the universal struggle of writing out the correct date. While some people seem to catch it right away, the past year can be dragged on for those who have gotten in the habit of writing the previous year.

56.1% of people take a week to a month to get the hang of writing the correct date. Nothing validates the year more than getting it right.

How long does it take you to write the correct year? A quick student survey suggests that it is not as easy as you would think. Our hearts ache for that 9.7% that can never get it right. Best of luck to them.

With the new year tends to come resolutions. From a numbers standpoint, it is a great place to mark the start of working on a goal and tracking your progress. 

Teacher Nate Grabowski talked about how this year he is working on, “Staying more organized, trying to be more proactive, not as reactionary, trying to plan ahead, making copies and designing assessments and assignments in advance.”

Student’s goals range from, “staying true to myself and putting myself before others,” to “understanding AP Chemistry,” according to a recent poll.

A common phrase that tends to float around new year’s resolutions is “New Year, New Me.” While it may be said with good intentions, it sparks up many conflicted feelings.

“I don’t like [the phrase: ‘New Year, New Me’] because I feel like it’s a lie. I don’t think you are going to change just because it is a new year,” said junior Mia Lincoln.

The phrase sets a high expectation, especially with social media further encouraging such trends.

 “I don’t like it. I feel like people don’t have to change themselves realistically and it’s not healthy. People tend to make New Year’s resolutions as if there was something wrong with them at the end of the other year,” said Robbins, further pointing out toxicity.

Loiselle brings to light how such a phrase can cause questioning of self-image:

“I definitely feel like [there is a lot of pressure around the new year]. I feel like people are pressured into actually having a resolution whether that be to go to the gym more, work out more, or eat healthily. I feel like people don’t feel as great if all the people around them have all these resolutions that sound so great but then they don’t and then they feel like ‘Oh, I have to have one or else I am not as good as they are,’” she said.

Within the New Year, there are goals and targets, many students and teachers will be able to achieve their goals. When transitioning it’s important to stay true to yourself and do what makes you happy.