Pure Expression

Pure Expression

Kayleigh Podolski

Lexi Minor is a senior at Brighton High School who flourishes through her passion for art. Being surrounded by creativity from a young age, it was easy for her to become enraptured by the arts.

“My family is all super into art. On my dad’s side, my dad and my uncles are all artists. I have been going to comic cons since I was an infant. [Art] has just always been a big big part of my life. I have always been around my dad drawing and my uncles and all that. They do their own comic books and sometimes do their own licensed cards and things like that for Marvel and Star Wars, so that big, artistic, nerdy presence has always been in my life,” said Minor.

Art inspires art. Lexi Minor often finds herself creating with high fantasy in mind. On the left is a Zabrak woman from the world of Star Wars in graphite followed by a Treant concept stemming from Dungeons and Dragons in graphite. Minor said:
“It is definitely fantasy or science fiction [that inspires my art the most]. Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, all that high fantasy, high science fiction setting type of ideal, that is my absolute favorite to draw in, work with, think of, create stories about anything because I love how it could be something totally different and yet exactly the same. You can have all the same problems, you can have all the same issues: toxic people in your life, racism, all that kind of stuff. All those terrible things can still happen there, and it makes it relatable to real life, even though it is this totally different, totally imagined world that is supposed to be so much better in all these different ways. A lot of people see it as this totally unrealistic thing, but there are a lot of real elements to it.”
With such an environment, Minor immediately knew art was what she wanted to do with her life. 

“[When] I was really little, I was drawing all the time. My dad got me this big whiteboard, easel and I would draw on it all the time and I was like, This is so fun! I just want to do this forever. As I got older it became clear to me with all my classes. I get pretty good grades, I have a pretty high GPA, I do what I can, I take a lot of AP classes for someone who doesn’t want to do anything other than art. In doing all of that, I can do it and do it well, but I don’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy making art and being able to work on that kind of thing. Imagining being able to do that professionally and get paid for it is a total dream come true.”

Minor’s art teacher, Rebecca Marzonie, has witnessed her skills grow as Minor steps up to the approaching future.

“She still dabbles in lots of different media, but it has been interesting to see her kind of hone in certain areas. She’s definitely starting to develop a style, her techniques are becoming more advanced, and she’s using the same media more and more,” said Marzonie.

Not just teachers, but also friends see Minor to be going places.

“I think she really has a future in art because she is really good at it … she is so good at it now, it can only get better,” said Straub. 

For Minor, art is not just a vision of a career, but a vision of the soul. 

“Art to me is the purest form of expression. I have never kept a diary or anything and a lot of people tend to get a lot of emotional relief when they write and things like that. For me, that is what I get out of art. Whether or not it is something really reflective of my emotions that I am drawing, it is a big relief and it is so calming. It is so enriching to my mind because I get to create something. I get to be proud of it. I get to develop my skills and try out all different kinds of things. It is really just like the best thing for me,” she said.

As she grows, so does her specific style … or lack thereof.

“For a long time I thought what would distinguish me [as an artist] was having a specific style because there’s a lot of people that have a very particular style; when you see something you can tell they drew it or they painted it. For a long time, I thought it was that and I really tried to develop that and work on that, but it never really came together until I didn’t think about it anymore. Now, I just kind of draw things very similarly and everything flows, changes a little bit. What I have realized distinguishes me more as an artist than any of that is that I’m sort of a jack of all trades. I try everything: mixed media, watercolor, marker, all that kind of stuff, oil paints, pastels. I just want to try everything because I think it is all so fun and I just have so much fun playing with everything. I am not a master at any of those things by any means, but I’m good at it,” said Minor.

The Great Wave Pinafore was painted with fabric paint on a jean jumper. “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one,” said distinguished author Robert Greene.

Even as she views herself as a master of none, friends and teachers have the outside perspective to differ.

Longtime friend, Kylie Schoeninger, describes Minor’s art as, “colorful, graceful, boho-chic … and majestic.”

Similarly, Marzonie characterizes it as, “calming, vintage and intricate.”

As Minor grows, she continues to explore different media, finding a passion within a passion. Painting on fabric is like the Russian stacking doll of her art.

“It feels like if it is traditional, it is supposed to look good versus with something nontraditional it is [alright to make a mistake] … I think it is the association of if something is on a canvas it has to look good, so it feels low pressure, even if it isn’t really,” said Minor.

Painting on fabrics takes away barriers and expectations, leaving a place for the imagination to flow freely.

Art Nouveau Jeans painted by Minor. Painting can be a time-absorbing experience, but its enrapturing nature also helps it fly. If given the chance, Minor would tell her younger self: “Just stick with it. You love it and you enjoy it. Always draw more; try and draw more and more every time because the more you practice the better you get.”

Art has been a journey and will most definitely continue to be one as Lexi Minor finishes up her senior year and heads into a future filled with the possibilities of art.