Brighton High Blood Drive

Emma Willsmore

On March 22, BHS is holding a blood drive with the Red Cross. Due to covid, blood drives have been almost completely shut down for two years.

The Red Cross will be drawing the blood while Brielle Haupt’s Health Occupations Students will be assisting the participants during the whole process including, but not limited to sign up, sign in and aftercare. On top of being able to help dozens of people for free, there will be free snacks and drinks provided for after.

BHS Students and Staff members only can sign up for the blood drive in the cafeteria during all lunches March 10-18th where all needed forms will be provided. The forms can be turned in once completed at Haupt’s room, C39, or in the cafeteria.

There are limitations to the blood drive of course and all information will be on the provided forms. If you are under 110 pounds you are not permitted to donate. If you are under 16 years of age you cannot donate blood. If you are 16 years or older you can donate blood during the school day with a provided pass. 

For more information about donating blood please visit the Red Cross link provided.