How are the Science Olympiads of BHS Doing?

Kayleigh Podolski

Many people at BHS are unaware of not only the Science Olympiad team, but also the team’s success. BHS Science Olympiad placed 1st in regionals this past weekend (5 March), confirming their way to states. 

In the Science Olympiad, there are a variety of events with three different subcategories: testing, building, and lab. Every person on the team competes in three or four of these events. The team is led by head coach, Shannan Pereira.

Now that BHS has won regionals, they will head to states where they attempt to secure a place at Nationals. 

Rachel Oliver, a junior who has been a part of Science Olympiad since seventh grade, brought up how rewarding and enjoyable it can be:

“One of my favorite memories was from when I was in Scranton, my 8th grade year, and we had made it to states. After each competition there are award ceremonies, so I decided to stay even though I thought I would place in only one of my events. Well, I did end up placing in that event, and I was going to leave before my last event was called so that we could beat the traffic, but my partner, Ava, told me to stay till our event, so I caved. Well it was a good thing that I stayed because we ended up receiving a second place medal … That day was one of the proudest I’ve ever felt about myself because the only events that we placed in were the ones that I was in.”

So far this year, BHS won a 3rd Place and 6th Place trophies.