Open Mic Open All Lunches Thursday

Kayleigh Podolski

Brighton High School is starting up Open Mic during all lunches this Thursday, 17 Mar. 2022. After a trial run of sorts a couple of weeks ago it is coming back to the elation of many creative minds at BHS. Open Mic is a time for students to practice the art of self-expression through poetry, music and discussion.

A big aspect of Open Mic is the Poetry Slam portion. Todd Day- the creative writing teacher who runs Open Mic- gives a prompt word or phrase for students to take from there. Students are given a few minutes to jot down the first things that come to their minds. With such a short time frame to write, there are raw, fresh thoughts and no pressures of perfection.

To attend Open Mic, simply walk into the Media Center where Day has chairs set up and a makeshift stage of a chair and mic. If you do not wish to participate, then just sit back and enjoy the art of others. 

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” – Pablo Picasso