Student v. Staff Basketball Battle

Kayleigh Podolski

BHS’s annual student versus staff basketball game is approaching. It is a chance for seniors to go up against their favorite (or maybe even least favorite) teachers.

On 20 April 2022 the game will be taking place at 7 PM. 

To join the team, student Sign-Up is during all lunches Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (April 6-8). The sign-up process is simple and non-bias; whoever signs up will have their name taken onto a list to randomly select a team of seniors from.

The co-ed team will be made up of 20 seniors. Varsity basketball players are not allowed to play, but they can participate through coaching.

Admission into the game is a small fine of $5. The money goes toward fundraising for prom, so going to the game gives you a good time and a fun prom to come.

The staff team has won each year over the students to curate the impressive record of 0-9. Will seniors be able to break this streak, or will the staff reach the milestone of double digits in their victories?