B.A.R.C. and Expansion!

Kyleigh Call

Brighton Area Recreation Connection has expanded massively in the last few years. Their mission? Creating memories that last a lifetime through sports! 


From September to December, B.A.R.C. expanded all current after-school sports seasons by adding additional practices and games for soccer, volleyball, and basketball.  They put in place a 3rd and 4th-grade run club at Hornung Elementary and continued the growth of the Maltby 5th and 6th-grade run club that was currently established. B.A.R.C also formed a B.A.R.C. HS Intramural Sports Committee to offer recreational opportunities to high school students.

In the January to May time frame added high school intramural 3-on-3 Basketball leagues, volleyball leagues, and a dodgeball program as well as adding the 7th and 8th-Grade Intramural Co-Ed Dodgeball Program. In addition, B.A.R.C introduced a K – 6th Grade Youth Track and Field Program.

From June through August, B.A.R.C. added The Brighton Tennis Academy, Skyhawks T-ball leagues, Youth Soccer Summer Skills Camps with Coach Warren, HS Intramural Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee Leagues, and Start Smart Youth Golf Program! 

In even more exciting news, B.A.R.C has announced what may be in store in the future for Brighton Sports! 

In the near future, we may see a massive expansion in intramural sports, as well as putting in place running clubs at all four elementary schools! Plus, 3rd and 4th-grade floor hockey, and indoor soccer leagues! For the high schoolers, there may be an intramural golf league put in place, and even intramural sports tournaments hosted around major sports events like March Madness and the World Cup! 

As BAS Superintendent Dr. Matt Outlaw wrote; “Thank you to all of our staff, coaches, and volunteers for bringing so many opportunities to the youth of this community!