Upcoming Mock Car Crash

Kayleigh Podolski

Next Tuesday, 10 May 2022, Brighton High School will have a mock car crash scenario on the football field. It will be during Tuesday’s 5th and 6th hours, with all students watching from the bleachers.

In the mock car crash, a car crushed up from an accident will be brought in with emergency responders, including firefighters, police, and EMTs. This thorough event will replicate response times for the emergency responders to reach the scene to demonstrate what happens in a real car crash situation. 

The fake car accident takes place once every four years so each class sees it once while in high school. While the presentation takes place, it is narrated so students can truly keep track of what’s going on and the direness of the situation.

The timing is purposefully just before prom to heighten awareness of the consequences of reckless, distracted, and drunk driving. This encourages kids to be safe with all their decisions heading to and from prom.