Senior Last Days Bring Many Events and Deadlines

EXAMS: Senior exams are May 25 (5th/6th), May 26 (3rd/4th), and May 27 (1st/2nd). Students taking exams only need to come to school for the hour of the exam on these days. Exams will be waived by hour if you have a B average or better (based on 4th quarter progress report and 3rd card marking average) and NO MORE than 3 tardies or absences. The ONLY absences that are not counted in this are those with an official medical note, court date, or family funeral. Due to grading windows and timing, seniors may not know until May 23 if they are taking exams in a particular class.

GRADUATION: The big day is Saturday, June 11 at noon at the BHS football stadium. Seating is unlimited, so there are no tickets needed. Gates will open at 11am, and both sides of the bleachers will be open. Graduation practice is June 8 at 10am and it is mandatory. Students should contact Mrs. Sprys Tellner immediately if they cannot make it to graduation practice due to a college orientation to be scheduled in the make-up. Rain date for graduation is the next day, June 12th, so please hold that on your calendar as well.


May 13, 2022: Senior Meeting/Assembly (BHS Fieldhouse, going over graduation information & revealing mock elections with fun activities)

May 13, 2022: Senior Survivor Assembly (BHS Fieldhouse, immediately after the Senior meeting, kicking off Senior Survivor Week)

May 14, 2022: Prom (Crystal Gardens, 7-10 PM. ALL students must be in the door by 8 pm or will not be admitted)

May 16, 2022: Senior Responsibility cards handed out

May 16-20, 2022: Senior Survivor Week

May 23, 2022: Senior Sunrise (BHS Stadium, @ 5:45 am, finger food breakfast)

May 24, 2022: LAST normal school DAY for Seniors

May 25-27, 2022: Senior Exams

  • May 25, hours 5 & 6
  • May 26, hours 3 & 4
  • May 27, hours 1 & 2

May 27, 2022: LAST Day for seniors

June 3, 2022: Cap & Gown [email protected]:00 AM (BHS Fieldhouse), Senior Walk @9:45 AM, and Senior Picnic @ 10:30 AM

June 8, 2022: Summa Cum Laude Breakfast- invite only, 3.8 GPA and above

June 8, 2022: @ 10am: MANDATORY Graduation Practice (BHS Fieldhouse, then Stadium)

June 11, 2022: @ 12pm, Graduation

June 11, 2022: @ 9:30 PM – 4 AM; Senior All Night party

June 12, 2022: Rain date of graduation