Senior Survivor Updates

Kyleigh Call

Though Senior Survivor week isn’t until next week, the activities of the wonderful teams are well underway! 

Two weekends ago, Team Red with Tabitha Porter and Ellie Williams, and Team Black with April Fox and Allussa Lester ran a fundraising car wash. Yes, the teams were sunburnt but happy with the amount they raised for Fund a Life! 

Speaking of Team Red, this past Friday, Porter and Williams hosted “Amp’d Up!”. At 6 pm on May 6th, viewers delighted in a variety of performances, ranging from a Capella to jazz, to comedy and more topped off by the delightful commentary of Kyleigh Call and Spencer Grimes. The event raised a lot of money and awareness!

Last weekend, Nick and Julian of Team Orange hosted a spikeball tournament! It cost just $10 a team, and the winning team received $50 in gift cards! 

The game that brings the state together is now bringing these teams together… The Senior Survivor Euchre tournament will take place Wednesday 11 May 2022 in the cafeteria from 3 pm to 9 pm! Teams will come to represent their favorite Survivor team! The team the winner represents will get all the prize money. If that’s not tempting enough, entry is only $10, and it’s a potluck!

With all the chaos of another ending school year, it’s important for the BHS community to come together. The Senior Survivors are helping do just that! With fun, love, and a common cause, these teams are sure not to disappoint.