Review of IT Chapter 2


It Chapter 2 hit theaters in September.

Yale Zultowski, Staff Writer

Just recently releasedIt Chapter Two” and it scared me out of my seat. I did not think it was possible to top the first chapter but Stephen King and his gory mindset was able to do that. 

 The movie fast forwards 27 years to show the Loser Club and their lives now. They took an oath after defeating It the first time to come back if he ever comes back to consume kids. Not by choice they all had to come back to Derry Maine to fight It again. Mike had stayed in Derry and studied how to truly kill It. He talked to all the people in Derry that could remember it and found out that It had been around for billions of years and has grown tremendously. He also found out that others have tried to kill It but have failed horribly. They finally get the tools to kill It and they start to make their way down the sewer, lower and lower.

When down in the sewers they get very close to destroying It but it’s not enough. Some find love while others find themselves facing their biggest fears. All It wants to do is to scare them and feel their fear, they soon learn that and use it against him. 

Throughout the movie there are many jump scares and everything is extremely gory. King decided to top his last movie and with the intense scenes of IT 2 he accomplished that by dropping the jaws of the audience. In that movie, I saw some disgusting elements I have never even thought about before or could imagine. The twisted story is exhilarating and King kept on topping his “scares” throughout the movie.   

Based on the novel by Stephen King, It Chapter 2 is gory, creepy, and terrifying.

Stephen King was very deliberate on making everyone disgusted and terrified throughout the movie. Some might say it was not that scary or bloody but the things that he creates shocked me, I have never squirmed or jumped so much during a movie and I have never been that scared after watching a movie. I recommend this movie to anyone that wants to be petrified during a movie but if you hate clowns this movie will fill you with terror.