The man behind the snow day calls

A day in the life of Dr. Gray


Ivy Muensch

Dr. Greg Gray sits beside his administrative assistant Starr Acromite in his office.

Most students know Dr. Greg Gray for his title as Brighton Area Schools’ Superintendent or his snow day decisions. Parents may remember him best as the one sending the informational email “Dr. Gray’s Friday Letter” each week. Many teachers know him as a friend and a boss and see him frequently during his daily visits to Brighton High School. 

For a man with great power and great responsibilities, he starts his day at 4:30 am with around 20 emails already. Once at work, he organizes his day, which includes meetings with Brighton Area School departments, behind-the-scenes building maintenance operations, presentations to inform the public about the bond to be voted on in November, working to realigning the science curriculum, and more, all of which are for the benefit of Brighton students.  

Dr. Gray explained, “My overall job, I think [is] to create opportunities for you guys [Brighton Area School students].”

His efforts to support students include an increase from three AP classes to sixteen at the Brighton High School, marketing the previous and upcoming bond, and creating engaging events for the whole community. Ten years ago, BHS Principal Gavin Johnson and Gray began Pink Week and continued the event ever since. 

Gray constantly makes an effort to be involved in student life. He can be seen at many sporting events, BHS club meetings, school spirit events, walking around the Brighton High School, in the cafeteria, and at other student-run projects. Many days he finishes his day of work at 9 pm, motivated to wake up the next morning to do this cycle again. 

His passion for his role as superintendent has not gone unnoticed by his colleagues. “He was a different kind of superintendent. He cared more about kids than Board of Education meetings or being professional,” said Johnson as he recalled meeting Gray for the first time. 

Gray’s compassion for students goes back to his days as a tech ed teacher for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. He then transitioned to be a history teacher, baseball and football coach, and the assistant athletic director at the Grand Ledge High School for four years. After deciding to pursue a job in administration, he landed a job in Owosso as a high school assistant principal for two years and a middle school assistant principal for three years. While at Owosso, he was able to go back to college to get his Master’s degree and Ph.D. at Western. While working as an assistant middle school principal, he applied to the open position of superintendent in Owosso, Michigan, which he continued for four years before becoming Brighton Area Schools’ superintendent. 

Administrative Assistant Starr Acromite contributed, “[Dr. Gray] had a lot of hard work to do when he came here. We were looking for a leader and he was it.” 

It seems unlikely that his strong leadership and drive to help students will fade away any time soon.