Pink Week unites Brighton


Wyatt Feldmann

Seniors Alivia Fusco and Gabby Rosenhack in the student section at the Pink Out game.

Aidan Riley

The color pink spread around the city of Brighton from September 30 through October 4 in honor of the annual Pink Week. BHS Leadership put on these events and activities , and they hope for it to be as successful as the last few years. 

 “We’re kind of switching things up this year,” said Cory Williams, who is helping plan fundraisers and events for Pink Week. “We don’t have a specific [goal] that we’re shooting for, we’re just going to see how good we do.” 

There were many different fundraisers: coins for a cure, raffles in the cafeteria, powderpuff football, a SkyZone fundraiser, and more. This SkyZone fundraiser is new to Pink Week, and Leadership thinks it will add a new fun way to raise money.

Wyatt Feldmann
Senior Patrick Kenny has his head shaved by Trent Ficaro at the end of the third quarter.

This week was not just about raising money, though. It is also meant to bring the whole community together. “We’re working really hard to make it a community event,” said Leadership student Emily Podolski. The entire downtown is decorated in pink, and each year thousands of people attend the football game to celebrate those who have fought cancer. 

At halftime, anyone who has survived or is currently battling cancer will walk out to the middle of the field with a sash that says survivor on it. They will have pink balloons that they will release as a symbol of their fight. 

“It’s probably the most important event that we have,” says Leadership teacher Nathan Grabowski. The event recognizes the battle of each and every person at the game affected by cancer, whether they are from Brighton or not.

As one of Brighton’s biggest events each year, Pink Week is a great way for everyone to come together for one common goal: raising money for those affected by cancer.