Powder puff football game kicks off Pink Week


Wyatt Feldmann

Senior girls celebrate a victory in the 2019 Powder Puff game.

Natalie Stafford, Co-Editor in Chief

The 9th annual Powder Puff game took place on Monday, Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. The junior class of 2021 and the senior class of 2020 went head to head in a game of flag football on the Brighton High School Football Field. The seniors took the title of champion, scoring 25-13. 

During this Monday night game, not only did the junior and senior girls play football, but their boy counterparts cheered for their classes on the sidelines. They were coached by varsity cheerleaders Hailee Buckley, Avery Smith, Yale Zultowski, and Catie Carruthers. The male junior and senior cheerleaders included a halftime show to music, complete with stunts.

Wyatt Feldmann
Male cheerleaders hyped up the crowd for the game.

This game was overseen by Leadership teacher Nathan Grabowski, who said that the real credit should be given to senior Matt Jontz. Jontz is a part of Leadership, and according to Grabowski, his task for Pink Week was coordinating the powder puff game, as well as being the head coach for the seniors. 

All of the proceeds from the game were donated to St. Joseph Mercy Cancer Center in Brighton. Grabowski said that a goal of the Pink Week fundraising was to help local people and places. 

Grabowski also noted that the Powder Puff game is an important part of Pink Week because it’s inclusive. It’s not only athletes who love to play the game; it’s a game for everyone. Because it gets so many students involved and it benefits a local medical center, “It’s a win-win because it’s for charity,” he said.

Senior Megan Soop agreed with Grabowski, saying that the game shows all of the players and cheerleaders coming together to play a small part for a bigger and better cause. “It’s like we’re fighting a minor part in the bigger battle,” Soop said. 

 Junior Sophia Turner agreed with Soop, saying that it represents people coming together to support cancer awareness and charities.

Wyatt Feldmann
Junior girls excited to take on the seniors.