A review of El Arbol

A solid replacement for The Yum Yum Tree


Amanda Webster

El Arbol is becoming the talk of the town. BHS student Megan Delcamp (12) was commissioned to paint a mural on the outside wall. The food inside is just as amazing as DelCamp’s mural.

Noah Stanko, Staff Writer

Do you like eating authentic Mexican food that is close to home? Because El Arbol is the perfect destination! There are around 5 authentic restaurants in Livingston County including the most recently opened, El Arbol which is located in downtown Brighton. 

El Arbol has opened their doors in the same building that the famous restaurant, the Yum Yum Tree, was located in. Steve Pilon, owner of El Arbol, is currently the owner of the locally famous Wooden Spoon restaurant that is also in downtown Brighton. His daughter and himself came up with a brilliant idea to bring a new mexican street-based food restaurant into the District of Brighton. El Arbol is a warm and unique building that shows a constant welcome to every guest that comes through the door. 

The staff was professional and extremely organized when taking my order. The menu had a total of 9 different tacos and 6 different platillos, but I had decided to order the Chorizo and was filled with Spiced Sausage, Salsa Verde, Cabbage, Cotija, Radish, and Lime but it was a bit expensive because I paid $4 for one taco and it was not enough to fill me up so of course, I bought another. All of their tacos and platillos are extremely well made and are definitely worth a try, it may be expensive if you decide to take the whole family for a quick bite.

The first floor of the restaurant is a bar with some tables to sit and dine, but once you go upstairs, the whole floor is filled with tables so that you can sit down with friends and family and enjoy a nice Authentic meal. The outside of the building is a darker red and has a huge mural that took 350 hours to complete with two people working hard. 

It is located close to the Brighton Mill Pond which also helps with business. The Mill Pond area constantly brings people throughout the day that makes El Arbol a lot more busy and sometimes can become chaotic.  I would recommend this fine restaurant to anyone looking for a well made meal. The organization is very kid friendly with several different paintings and eye attracting colors. Out of all the Mexican restaurants, El Arbol is by far a favorite in Livingston County because of the well done atmosphere and also the absolutely delightful dishes.