Men v. Cider Mill


The men: Jacob Klonowski, Trent Ficaro, Kyle MacKew, Jonny Zeffero, and Matt Choate. The Cider Mill: Spicer Orchards in Fenton

This week we visited Spicer Orchards in Fenton. There are many different factors to what makes a cider mill good, but we will be rating them based on donut quality, cider quality, scenery, entertainment, and employee service. 

During the fall months, Spicer Orchards offers many forms of entertainment. A relaxing hayride takes you around the whole property and stops throughout so you can pick apples. When we visited some things weren’t up and running yet, such as the zipline and the fun run. However, they are expected to be open when the fall season starts. Spicers is a great place for young children as well. 


On the property there is a petting zoo full of goats, horses, and sheep. There is also a playground where they can get some energy out.In conclusion, Spicer’s is a great spot for a day of family fun! For this reason we collectively rated the entertainment aspect 9 out of 10.


The donuts were overall very tasty. I was very impressed when I took my first bite. The cinnamon and sugar really popped out on every bite that was taken. The donut was a little dry and I don’t think we could have eaten the donuts without the cider to go along with it. Therefore, we are giving the donuts at Spicer’s an 8 out of 10.


My opinion of the cider overall was average. While my colleagues thought it was good, I’m giving it a 6 because it seemed like they just dumped sugar into the batch. Also, the cider left a dry taste in your mouth. The cider was decent, so we are giving it a 7 out of 10.

Customer service

The employees were overall great people and very friendly. A nice woman named Holly gave us free tickets for the hayride because she wanted us to get the whole Spicer’s Cider Mill experience. Also the hayride driver showed us all of the apple orchard in depth. We are giving the customer service a 10/10!

Jacob Klonowski and Trent Ficaro at Spicer’s Orchard with Holly, the nicest employee around.


As you first arrive at Spicer’s it doesn’t look like much, but as you start walking you can see the Country Store, and the top of the corn maze. If you choose to hop aboard the hayride it will take you around the whole property. The hayride continuously stops to allow you to walk through the apple orchard and look at every apple Spicers offers. If you take the hayride all the way around it will drop you off right in between the store and winery. The store is painted an eye popping red on the outside and has all kinds of goods on the inside. As you walk around to the back of the store you will find yourself in a mini pumpkin patch. Spicers is a very visually pleasing place, as you walk around the orchard you truly get a feeling for the fall season. We give the scenery at Spicer’s a 8/10. 

In conclusion, we liked Spicer Orchards a lot! The final rating is a 33/40.