Live streaming services replacing cable

Most students surveyed agree that streaming services are the way to go for viewing TV, movies

Jack Rafferty, Staff Writer

Cable providers fear as the number of people cutting the cord is at an all-time high. In 2018, 33,000,000 people in the US canceled cable. The alternative for these people is popular streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that provide countless movies and TV shows to binge. Some of them even include live TV where you can stream news and sports on your favorite channels. Many students at BHS prefer streaming services over cable because of the price and how easy it is to watch their favorite shows. Many of them have cut the cord and canceled cable. 

Senior Charlie Reusch watches a lot of TV after school and uses Roku TV. According to Reusch, using Roku is easy and fast and he thinks he will be using it for a while. He does not watch live television through Roku because his family canceled cable over a year ago. 

Preston Carlton, another senior at BHS, chooses Hulu as his choice of streaming service. For $50 a month, Carlton says that his family can watch live TV through Hulu Live and he gets all the channels he needs. Compared to expensive cable plans that don’t allow you to watch what you want. He thinks that it is a great choice because you know what you are getting for a small price every month. People who have cable and watch a lot of Hulu would be making a very good choice to cancel cable and switch to Hulu Live. This trend includes more than just students.

Graphics teacher Sean Carney canceled cable over a year and a half ago and since then he has watched TV through YouTube Live and Hulu. He uses Youtube to watch all the live channels and Hulu to stream his favorite shows. It allows him to have up to three people watching at a time. Carney started subscribing to Hulu on Black Friday when his plan was offered for $1 a month for unlimited streaming. 

Two notable TV services are Apple TV and Roku TV. 

Apple TV allows you to watch live television as well as streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu with a subscription. The device is a small box that plugs into your TV. It is very easy to set up and use through a simple controller. The prices range from $150-$200 with no monthly fee on top of that  Apple Tv is a good choice for Apple users who already watch Hulu or Netflix. 

Roku TV is similar to Apple TV, but it doesn’t necessarily have the same features. It is a box that plugs into your television that is controlled with a small remote. You can access live channels from Roku TV, but you have to access it through a cable provider. The prices for Roku TV range from $50-$100. Both of these devices are good choices for people who already subscribe to Hulu or Netflix.

Although cable has been around as long as TV has been, it is slowly losing viewers as streaming services becomes its successor.