Brighton Varsity Soccer wraps up their 2019 season


Natalie Stafford

Sophomore Shane Simon jumps and kicks the ball to his teammate.The team lost to Catholic Central in overtime, ending their 2019 season.

Natalie Stafford, Co-Editor in Chief

 As a team, Brighton Varsity Soccer came together during their 2019 season, and coach Mark Howell sees it. 

 “This team is very united, and we’re kind of like one family, which I think is a huge accomplishment,” Howell said in regards to his team. 

Howell also mentioned how proud he was that it was so easy for the players to come together in a condensed two month season, seeing as every player is very different in terms of off season teams and grade level. He said that the team had grown and came together and played as one, which was a big accomplishment in his opinion.

Sophomore Brennan Cheladyn agrees with his coach, saying that he loved being a part of the Brighton Varsity Soccer team because of how all of the players are like family. 

“It’s not a one player sport,” Cheladyn said. “Everything we do is as a team. We win as a team and we lose as a team.”

BHS varsity soccer had been practicing almost three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and most Fridays, since their fall season started. The team typically had games on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, along with the occasional Saturday morning game. The soccer team has won the majority of the games they had played, which was a total of seven games, and the team only lost four, and tied two. 

 Howell believes that the team has played their best soccer at the end of the season, saying that their single best accomplishment of the season was winning 1-0 against Novi at Novi’s field. 

“We’ve had some ups and downs throughout the year,” Howell said. “Our biggest single game achievement was beating Novi at Novi, that was great.” 

On Wednesday, Oct. 9th, Brighton Varsity Soccer played a back and forth game against Detroit Catholic Central. After losing 1-0, the team took second in their district. Although they ended the season, it was not without a fight. 

Howell talked about his team playing the best soccer they could at the end of the season, and even though they did not win the game, they still went out with one of their best efforts of their season. 

Natalie Stafford
Junior captain Josh Adam kicks the ball with senior captain Drew Tappen in the background. The team faced Catholic Central in the first district game.