Can fish be fast?

A review of Brighton’s Poke Fresh

Peyton Galloway, Copy Editor

In May of this year, a new Hawaiian “fast casual” restaurant opened on Grand River in the strip mall near Kroger. Poke Fresh is a restaurant inspired by a dish traditionally from Hawaii, Poke. 

In Hawaiian the dish means “to cut crosswise into pieces.” Bowls usually consist of rice, fish, seasoning, dressing, vegetables, and a variety of sauces. 

The owners, Chris and Tracy Bachuwa decided to open a second restaurant in Brighton after opening their first in Howell. They are also now planning a third in Muskegon. I was immediately greeted when I walked into the restaurant with a smile and a “Hi, welcome!”  and a “How is this day treating you?” “Fast casual” was the perfect definition of Poke Fresh I got my food in less than 5 minutes and check out was quick and seamless. 

The eatery was clean, colorful, and concise. The glass covered the fresh choices offered like tuna, salmon, mandarin oranges, and many different types of rice.  The food was wonderful. It has a blend of flavors not known to my Michigan tastebuds. I got a bowl with white rice, shrimp, chicken, veggies, fruit, and garlic teriyaki.  It was unexpected and delicious.

The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They instructed me throughout the entire process. They call themselves the “Subway of Hawaiian food.” To my surprise, the price of 10.95 for a regular bowl was fair for how much you can pack into the bowl. Poke Fresh makes most of their sauces from their own recipes, uses high-grade sushi fish, and cooks the rice in house and switches it out multiple times a day. 

Poke Fresh was recently voted one of the top places to eat in Brighton and I couldn’t agree more. The food was fantastic, the staff is friendly, it was a clean environment to eat, and the food station was spotless.

I would recommend Poke Fresh to anyone who enjoys sushi and an easy quick bite. It would be perfect for people of all ages because they have mini, regular, and large bowls. Also they have four different options for rice, eleven different options for a protein, and twenty-two options of toppings! Their sauces relay a variety of different tastes ranging from a spicy mayo, to a traditional eel sauce, and to top it off a spicy gochujang.

I would give Poke Fresh a 4.5 out of 5 stars for the fact that I feel as if the food was a tad expensive. Other than that it is a perfect stop for anyone and everyone to grab something to eat and enjoy the Hawaiian style.