Brighton Cycling Club wins 6th state championship

Noah Stanko, Staff Writer

The Brighton Cycling Club has once again won the state mountain bike championship for. For the past six years straight, the Bulldogs have absolutely biked over their competition with becoming a six-time state championship team. 

The most recent event was held at Bloomer Park in Rochester, Michigan when the bikers were required to bike a single lane 15 mile course with several curvy turns and rugged paths which is four laps long. The JV team completed a 11.25 mile ride which is only 3 laps and the novice class had competed for nine miles. The Brighton team won the MISCA (Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association) State Scholastic Champion Team award.

Among the series award winners include: Evelyn Money: Female Varsity State Champion, Illya Naumenko: Male JV State Champion (11th/12th grade), James Droese: Male JV 2nd Place (11th-12th grade) Hunter Bell: Male JV 2nd Place (9th-10th Grade), Jackson Fribley: Novice 3rd Place (10th-12th grade), and Nathan Gilpin: Novice 2nd Place (9th Grade)

There are 13 official MISCA cycling teams in Michigan along with 14 teams that are inactive and not apart of the State Playoffs. Some High Schools all the way up in the U.P. have Cycling Clubs, even as far as Marquette. The MISCA organization now serves around 600 kids and 200 coaches during the State Playoffs. The Bulldogs have seemed to slide past their competition for the past six years as long practices and hard work really pays off.

 Many people claim that the Dogs are extremely skilled because of having access to such great local practice grounds. Around six years ago before the winning era started, the team had around nine participants and now are hitting high numbers of 250 and more. The team has a no-cut policy so all who wants to be on the team becomes a member. This past year the team had a total of 273 team members. 

The Cycling Club practices from late May to mid-October at two locations here in Brighton, at Island Lake and Brighton State Recreation areas. The length and condition of the races this club takes place in completely depends on where it is located within the state. Every season there are six separate race series that every school that is active attends and competes in. The State playoffs has been held at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills since the start of the MISCA organization.