The McRib


Trent Ficaro

This is the first sight of pulling up to the Mcdonald’s on Grand River Avenue with the McRib on the menu.

Trent Ficaro, Staff Writer

 Through many years of being taken on and off the menu, the Mcdonald’s McRib reapered. On Thursday Oct. Tenth I tried one of the worst sandwiches from Mcdonalds on Grand River. The texture of the “pork patty” felt like I was chewing the fat of a steak. But, even the fat on steak has some good taste, while the pork patty was chewy and covered in barbeque sauce. The McRib tasted like a rubber shoe covered in barbeque sauce with pickles and onions. In my opinion, it was disgusting. 

Trent Ficaro
The picture of the McRib itself, DISGUSTING

Mcdonalds also made a special box just for the McRib, the McRib box looks almost like a chicken nugget box, but it says McRib instead of Mcnuggets. There is also a very big fan following behind the McRib. Recently, when the McRib was re-released, all I heard about it was that it is a pop culture icon and is in some movies and television. When I was first researching the McRib, I found there is a website somebody made called the McRib locator, and its whole purpose is to tell people whether or not their local McDonald’s had the profound McRib on the menu. The website also had an option to put in your local Mcdonald’s and confirm if it indeed had the McRib and leave a comment with it.