Review of Terrorfied Forest in Pinckney


Shara Swearengin

A rare look inside the Terrorfied Forest.

Shara Swearengin and Katie Tarnacki

Shortly before the fall season began, the well-known haunted attraction Terrorfied Forest was expected to shut down. The employees had scattered to a new attraction down the road, and they felt as if the crowd got smaller each year. But, a new set of owners took the land under their wing, and recreated it. In less than a month and a half, they renovated the well-known forest to an ideal haunted attraction. 

This fall, the new owners decided to leave out the haunted mansion that was there to get individuals “warmed-up” for the forest. The mansion contained fire hazards, and they couldn’t aid to that risk in such a small amount of time.

 Without the mansion, the forest felt scarier because the walker didn’t have time to get used to the environment. Not only that, but it feels more eerie lurking in the woods, rather than in a house. While walking through the forest, you are guided by red lanterns that lead you through the trail. But, at times the lanterns were difficult to follow and sometimes lead participants in the wrong direction. 

There are also a few small cabin-like structures throughout the walk that all contain different things. One room was covered in dolls, and another room had a tunnel of all different colors that constantly spins, and gives the individual the illusion that they’re spinning with it. For anyone who didn’t want to go through it, they had an alternative route, for people with conditions like vertigo could take. 

A significant part of the forest is the chainsaw. Of course without a chain, one of the props they most popularly utilize is the chainsaw. Even though the walkers know it won’t hurt them, the unsuspected loud noise gets them every time. The old owners had the chainsaw in the very middle of the forest, which was somewhat inconvenient because it gives people the urge to run, and it’s hard to do in a dark forest. But, the new owners put the chainsaw at the very end. This was better because it was a lighter area, and the end is right there to run to. 

After experiencing the new Terrorfied Forest, and all of the new additions, they deserve a 3 out of 5 stars. The forest was nicely laid out, with a hardworking staff. But, also contained some inconsistencies such as trouble following the path, and the short duration of the walk itself. 

After being expected to shut down, the Terrorfied Forest and its owners did a complete 360 in progress within a month and a half. Hard work always pays off, and the new and improved Terrorfied Forest is a prime example of that.