DaBaby album compelling and unique


DaBaby dropped a new album in September.

Jonny Zeffero, Staff Writer

Award winning artist “DaBaby” released his new album on September 27. The album was named “Kirk” after his last name. He has many great features on this album including Lil Baby, Chance The Rapper, Gucci Mane, Yk Osiris, the Migos, and more.

He starts off the album very strong with the song “Intro”. In this song, he talks about some of the hardships he’s been through in his life. “They found him dead a couple days before I started tour.” In this quote DaBaby is talking about his dad. This is overall a very solid song and start to the album. You can tell he put a lot of work and effort into this song by the lyrics and adlibs. 

The sixth song on the album  “Gospel” was a style of song DaBaby hasn’t released until now. This song has many notable features, including YK Osiris, Chance The Rapper, and Gucci Mane. These three artists plus DaBaby is the formula for a masterpiece. This song is a masterpiece, and easily one of the best songs on the album. It has a very unique beat that goes with every single one of these rappers voices. This was a phenomenal song.

One of the most impressive songs on this album was “Toes”. This song features Lil Baby and Moneybagg Yo. This song has a very strong bass that really ties the song together. Dababy and Lil Babys flow is superb. “My heart so cold i think im done with ice” is a very catchy first line in the chorus. 

Another hit from this album is “Raw S**T,” featuring Migos. This song gives off a real 2016 Migos vibe. I felt like I was listening to Culture 2 when I was a sophomore while I listened to this song. I really enjoyed this song because when I listen to it in the car the bass is very strong. Quavo comes in with the line, “Say they want some of that trap talk. I get a brick, let it moonwalk.” That line is so sick and is included in one of the best verses on the album.

The album “Kirk” was a very successful album for DaBaby. He had many hit songs that came from this album. There isn’t a single bad song from this album. Every song on the album was good.