Delaney holds the future of the BHS Auto Tech program


Brady MacDonald

ASE Master Certified teacher Robert Delaney works with students in the auto tech lab.

Brady MacDonald, Staff Writer

The automobile is a complex machine and students at Brighton High School are learning the fundamentals of these vehicles. The students participate with not only one but two teachers in learning the technique and skills used on the cars in the lab. The students get to learn valuable skills in the classroom and an actual shop environment with a new teacher who has worked at Volkswagen in the past.

There are many different levels of this class such as Introduction to Auto, Auto Maintenance, Auto One, and it just keeps on going. There are two teachers that teach these classes and they include Martin Redilla, who educates kids in the lab or the garage and then Robert Delaney, who does the in-class work. Both of them have great car experience and truly know what they are doing. Delaney is our newest advancement to the Auto Tech program.

Delaney has about 35 years of car experience and he started his profession at a firestone. “I ended up going from firestone to the army, I left the army and started in independent shops after I left, then dealerships, then some more independent shops.” He then went on to work at the milford proving grounds and running his own shop. He has also worked at volkswagen. After working at Volkswagen, Delaney used his knowledge and real world experience to begin teaching at Brighton High School this year.

 Delaney started here a couple weeks into school and is really liking what he is seeing here at Brighton High School. This year while co-teaching Auto Tech, Delaney said he wants to teach the kids as much as he can so that they can take it with them throughout their lives. Delaney also went onto say that “I think that this is an awesome program” and he thinks that it is greatly “supported by the school and the community”.  

Redilla also enjoys having Delaney around the shop. “he brings us a lot of knowledge and great work ethic.” said Redilla.Not only do other teachers think great things about him, the students think this as well. A.J. Bennit, Seth Perna, and Mike Forfinski were truly amazed on how well he is fitting in and they enjoy the knowledge that he brings to the classroom each and everyday.

Delaney has earned an ASE Masters Certification and  has also taught many years through the Volkswagen and Audi academies.