Are BHS students too old to trick or treat?

Shara Swearengin, Staff Writer

October 31 is a day we all cherished as young children, but do we value it the same now that we’ve reached high school? Halloween, an annual American holiday, is when kids dress up as whatever they choose and run rampid in neighborhoods collecting candy. Even though it is all just for fun, do the students at Brighton High School even participate anymore?

Junior Bella Anderson said that even though she doesn’t go trick-or-treating anymore, she thinks that what made it so fun as kids was being able to dress up and walk around alone, like big kids. 

“I think as we got older, more kids stopped going because they didn’t want to seem uncool,” Anderson said.  Kids may no longer like trick-or-treating because of the urge to fit the mature stereotype. 

But a junior, Carly Abernathy said that as a kid, she did not like trick-or-treating.

“It was never fun until I got old enough to go with friends,” she said. Abernathy also said that no one really participates in trick-or-treating, and that they’ve found different ways of celebrating like costume parties. 

Brighton High School counselor Jody Petit said that she went trick or treating when she was little, and she takes her kids out each year.

“Students are in such a hurry to grow up. You’re still kids as long as you’re in high school,” she said. 

 Even though high schoolers may seem like trick-or-treating is outdated, Junior Erica Mortier thinks it’s important to go out with friends and celebrate.

“I don’t think there is a ‘too old’, you should be able to do it as long as you’re having fun with whatever you’re doing to celebrate.”