Inside Fantasy Football at BHS

BHS students put it all on the line for their fantasy football teams

Kyle MacKew, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to manage your own franchise football team? A football team with the best players and your favorite players. For millions of Americans, fantasy football is the next best thing to actually owning your own team. But just as teams in the NFL have their hardships, these fantasy teams do as well.

Here in Brighton, MI, a group of twelve senior boys face their customly built teams against each other every week. These twelve friends first began building their teams when they all crammed into a booth at Buffalo Wild Wings and held a draft. They held a draft so they were able to initially pick players they wanted on their team. 

Fantasy football is all about having the biggest names in the game on your team. When asked about notable players on his team Grant Vankannel said, “Michael Thomas and Lamar Jackson are two big time players on my team.”

Vankannel’s team currently has four wins and one loss. “For my team to take over I think I will need a better running back,” he said.  

Clayton Price, an avid fantasy football player, has not been as successful as Grant this season. Price said  this misfortune is “due to injuries early in the year” such as Todd Gurley. To get himself out of this hole, Price said, “my players would need to be more healthy and become more consistent earning higher points each week.”

Stakes are high amongst the friends in this league as the loser must either dye their hair pink or shave their head.

Each week a different matchup requires these managers to alter their lineups. Depending on which NFL teams are playing, these managers start players on their team that they think will play the best in that situation. Unfortunately there is no way to completely tell whether a player on your team will be healthy and able to play.

BHS senior Armand Castro is no stranger to this. Castro drafted Antonio Brown at the beginning of the season and Brown hasn’t been playing. “It was really upsetting drafting a player like that and not having him play” said Castro.